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Modern and Antique Drawer Handles

We spend a lot of time selecting the right furniture, fixtures and other materials when we are building or renovating our homes. But the handles we use can make or break your new build or re-design if you choose the wrong kind.

The handles and hardware can actually be the hero of your cabinets and other fixtures and they are going to look out of place if they don't match. For example, if you are using rustic, timber cabinets with a historic look, then modern handles are going to look out of place.

It sounds like stating the obvious, but it is something many people don't consider. The first step when selecting brass or wooden drawer handles is to be sure of the style of your home, whether you are building new, renovating or adding an extension.

Then it is time to pick the colour, with brass, chrome, nickel and other options available that will compliment your drawers.

Types of drawer knobs – from brass through to wooden

Finally, Keeler Hardware has three different options to choose from that will suit a range of different styles:

Pull handles

These are a great option for larger drawers as it spreads the weight across a larger area and makes it easier to slide them out, for all members of the household. For extra-large designs, you can install two pull handles to get that extra grip and ease of use.

Polished brass or chrome knobs

These are a great option for homes with a more classic, traditional or antique look as they have a sense of timeless elegance. They are also well suited for smaller drawers and cabinet drawers that don't need a lot of force to open. Polished chrome and brass options give you the choice of colour as well and will add that bit of prestige to your finished project.

Cone drawer knobs

For a modern look, tapered cones are a fantastic option if you need smaller drawer hardware give that contemporary finish to a newly completed project.

Keeler Hardware has options to suit all projects that are all made from sturdy materials that will last well into the future and resist corrosion and rust, all available at very user-friendly prices.