Brava Commercial And Domestic Door Hardware

Keeler Hardware stocks a great range from Brava. Brava is the specialist when it comes to domestic and commercial grade door knobs, levers, dead bolts, locks and latches. You can trust Brava to provide you with the perfect door hardware solution for your needs. From high-security brava locks and deadbolt door locks to simple brava handles, Brava has you covered. Whether you're looking for a standard door lever knob, door deadbolt or something commercial, Bravas range from Keeler Hardware has what you need.


Secure Doors with Brava Locks


When it comes to security, nothing is more important than a sturdy lock or door deadbolt. That's why we stock a range of high-security Brava locks that are perfect for businesses and homes alike. From basic Brave mortise locks and door deadbolts to sophisticated dial locks, Brava locks range has what you need to keep your belongings safe.


Simplicity from the Brava Australia Range


If simplicity is your style, Brava Australia has options available. From single knob handles to dual handle combo sets, there's a handle for everyone. Plus, with multiple knob styles and finishes available, you'll find the perfect option for your home or business. Brava is the go-to brand when it comes to door hardware. Trust Keeler Hardware to provide you with the best possible product from Brava Australia at an affordable price point. Browse our selection today and get ready for years of trouble-free use!