Spiral Sash Balance Finder

Not sure which Spiral Sash Balance you need?

Use the below tool to find the correct Spiral Sash Balance for your Window

Note: If you have a double hung window, and are wanting to replace both top and bottom sash balances, it's recommended to measure both

Note: If you're trying to replace the top sash of a double hung window, and your window does not have a horn, when measuring your overall window height, deduct 60mm off your measurement (as our tool assumes your window has a horn)


Estimating the Weight of your Sash Window

It is best to weigh the sash to ensure an accurate sash weight. If an estimated sash weight is required, this can calculated using the glass weight per square meter of glass shown below, together with the sash area.

(For double glazed glass, double the glass thickness used for the calculation).

(An allowance may also need to be made for the weight of the sash frame material)

3 mm glass thickness weights – 7.5 Kg Per square meter
4 mm glass thickness weights – 10.0 Kg Per square meter
5 mm glass thickness weights – 12.5 Kg Per square meter
6 mm glass thickness weights – 15.0 Kg Per square meter
Double glazed 6mm+6mm glass thickness weights – 30.0 Kg Per square meter


Selecting the Correct Window Weight and Rebate Size

When using this tool, if your window weight is on the cusp of the weight range band (e.g. 8kg), and you're unsure which band to choose. please play around with the combination and weight range and rebate size, so that both are correct.

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