ABUS 74/40 Nylon Protected Safety Lockout Padlock 7440GRNKD ABUS 74 Non-Conductive Series are non-magnetic, non-sparking and dielectric. Ideal for temperamental environments and confined space applications. The solid aluminum body is encased by non-conductive colored covers for easy identification. It comes standard with a 6-pin brass cylinder for maximum key changes. The key retaining feature ensures the padlocks are not left unlocked. Ships with tri-lingual LOTO labels for greater visibility and identification. A safety lock that is designed for OSHA required identification - making it an ideal choice for lockout/tagout. Features: Special keyway (WB25L) - 6 pin Supplied keyed to differ (KD) Key retaining Solid aluminum core Nano-Protect™ shackle for superior corrosion resistance Body and shackle insulated against electric shock Automatic locking Specifications: Width: 1-1/2" Shackle Diameter: 1/4" Shackle Clearance - Width: 3/4" Shackle Clearance - Height: 1-1/2"
Brand Abus