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Kethy Australia was built on a passion for innovative, timeless product development. With a selection of kitchen handles online, as well as creations fit for other purposes, we bring the very best of this brand to the market. Find and select items that enhance the look and function of your interiors, no matter the purpose, all thanks to the immaculate attention to detail that stems from these concepts. Find the perfect solution for your project with Kethy handles at Keeler Hardware, now stocking an extensive range of these iconic Kethy collections. From knobs to latches, cupboard fittings, Kethy handles and more, we have everything you need to put the finishing touches on your next project. Kethy knobs and handles are increasingly popular with interior designers, architects and builders – and for good reason. These concepts fuse both modern design with timeless flair, making them ideal for those who are looking for products made from a variety of materials with different sizes, shapes and finishes. Find Kethy handles crafted from high-quality timber, metal, iron, aluminium or brass, all built to last and suitable for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Enjoy their immaculate finish with the added class of expert craftsmanship. Not only are Kethy handles visually appealing, but they also offer functionality and durability. Each handle is carefully designed to provide a comfortable grip and smooth operation, ensuring that your daily tasks in the kitchen or bathroom are made effortless. With their sleek and sophisticated appearance, these handles will add a touch of elegance to any space. Plus, with a wide range of sizes and shapes available, you can easily find the perfect fit for your cabinets or drawers. Upgrade your home with Kethy handles today and experience the perfect blend of style and practicality.

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Kethy door handles and cabinet hardware bring convenience and functionality to the market. Their screw-in design fits seamlessly into the edge of your cabinet door, creating a sleek, contemporary appearance. They can also be unscrewed and removed if you wish. This Kethy handles range is a stylish take on what it means to use Hampton-Industrial concepts within your spaces. With styles to suit every context, we have plenty of finishes and lengths to choose from, giving you complete customisation over your door hardware. Within this collection, Kethy offers a stunning take on timeless interior design, featuring all-natural craftsmanship, high-quality timber and the much-loved warmth that these designs bring to any home. These timber handles provide your home with unique details that continue to be loved across the country. Meanwhile, the brand’s stainless steel pull range offer the ultimate alternative to the above with any home project or office use. Sleek and stylish, these are tailored to be durable and can be used in virtually any space.

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Keeler Hardware is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality home improvement products, including solutions for the modern kitchen, bathroom, laundry and even the office. We also stock a large range of door accessories, such as hinges, screen door locks, deadbolts, security mechanisms and more. If you need more assistance, our friendly staff will be happy to choose the right product for your needs and budget. We offer fast shipping throughout Australia on all orders placed through our website. Buy now, and we’ll deliver your chosen Kethy handles directly to your door.