CEAM Wide Throw Concealed Adjustable 3D Hinge

The BAC1230S 3D adjustable concealed hinge is revolutionary in its design and is rated to carry a 95kg door to 180° opening aperture.

A blended door to wall look and feel: once closed, the BAC1230S hinge becomes invisible, hidden away by the jamb and the door butting up against each other.

Walls no longer need to be visually interrupted by the traditional butt hinge where the two leaves of the hinge meet and protrude out past the jamb.

The formal architectural composition of a wall can now continue without interruption, creating an aesthetically appealing appearance that is truly clean and elegant


  • 3D adjustable
  • Ceam quick release system
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • 100% Made in Italy for over 50 years
  • Suitable for high frequency opening doors
  • Jig & router template available for easy installation
  • Suitable for internal & external (under cover) locations
  • Suitable for residential, commercial & industrial locations
  • Wide throw up to 80kg at width less than 1000mm


  • Min. door thickness: 35mm
  • Max. door weight 95kg - Subject to Width & Weight Chart
  • Narrow timber rebate: 21mm (ideal for thin jambs)
  • Gap when closed: 2mm
  • Working aperture: 180°
  • Reliability Certified to over 150,000 cycles
  • Adjustable 3D adjustment on 3 (X,Y,Z) axes
  • Quick Release Ceam quick release system, never need to touch the door or jamb again
  • Finish: Bronze
  • Sold as Single Hinge
Barcode # 2000000022253
Brand Bellevue

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