Brass Barrel Bolts


Polished brass barrel bolts

When you are looking for simple and effective security solutions, barrel bolts provide an easy to install and safe option for most doors.

Also known as sliding bolt locks or shoots, the technology behind them is very simple - a barrel slides across the frame and then is locked into place by a knob that can rotate between a locked and unlocked position.

There are two main components including the sliding metal bar and the catch plate which can be made from a variety of different metals.

Keeler Hardware has a brass range of polished barrel bolts available which offer unique benefits compared to other metals like nickel or chrome. This material is an extremely affordable metal and is favoured because it is highly flexible and strong as well.

For the consumer, though, the real benefit lies in the longevity of brass fixtures. They are highly, highly resistant to corrosion and rust and will last decades in your home or property without the need for replacement.

Why choose brass barrel bolts?

There are numerous security benefits with these brass sliding locks, which are only accessible from one side of the door. That means any potential intruder has no access to the bolt, cannot use tools or other materials to tamper with them and they can be used in tandem with other door locks for an extra layer of protection.

The high tensile strength of the brass means they are resistant to attempts at blunt force entry attempts and there are different sized bolts to suit different systems, with larger options available for extra security.

These barrel bolts can also be used to secure windows, bifold doors and any other access points which makes them a highly versatile security option for homes and commercial properties.

They are also an aesthetically appealing security option as well, with Keeler Hardware stocking a range of different options to suit different tastes and door types. Access polished brass for that sleek and shiny look or antique options for that rustic appeal.

There are also low profile versions which fit flush against the door and are almost invisible as well as vertical and horizontal options on hand. Browse our range today to find the perfect security option for your needs.