Superior Brass Levers & Knobs


Superior Brass Door Handles

At Keeler Hardware, we understand that every home is unique, that is why we stock thousands of superior door handles online to suit almost any door hardware style. Our brass door handle collection from superior features a wide range of designs to suit any door furniture style or taste. From sleek and modern handles to more traditional and ornate options, there's something for everyone in our brass collection. Our brass handles are available in a variety of finishes, including brushed brass, aged brass, and antique brass. Each finish adds its own distinct character to the handle and can help tie together your overall design scheme. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, our brass door handles are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. We take pride in offering products that not only look great but also perform well over time, that why we stock Austyle and Superior Brass ranges. The brushed brass door handles are particularly striking, with their subtle yet sophisticated sheen. These handles exude class and luxury, making them perfect for grand entrances or high-end properties. The entrance pull handles are equally impressive, with their sleek lines and sturdy construction providing both style and functionality. And for those who prefer a more understated look, the brass flush pull handles blend seamlessly into any door while still conveying an air of quality craftsmanship. No matter if you're looking for antique brass handles or something more contemporary, Keeler Hardware has all your needs covered when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home or business premises. So why not buy online today?

Front Door Handle Collection By Superior Brass

The superior brass front door handle collection from Keeler Hardware is the perfect solution to elevate your home's entryway aesthetic. Each door piece in this stunning collection is designed with intricate attention to detail, featuring bold lines and elegant curves that blend seamlessly into any decor style. These front door handles are not just functional but also serve as statement pieces that will instantly draw the eye of anyone who steps up to your front door. The high-quality brass finish by superior adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, while its durability ensures long-lasting use for years to come. No matter if you're looking for a traditional or contemporary design, there's a brass front door handle in this Superior collection that will match your taste and preference perfectly. Make a statement with Keeler Hardware's brass front door handle collection by Superior today.

Superior Brushed Brass Door Hardware

Our brushed brass door handles by Superior are the perfect addition to any door. No matter if you're going for a rustic farmhouse feel or a sleek modern aesthetic. The smooth, brushed finish of our Superior handles is not only visually stunning but also incredibly durable. Ensuring that your doors will look great and function smoothly for years to come. With so many different styled door handles and finishes available in our Superior brass door hardware collection. It's easy to find the perfect handle to suit your individual taste and decor. Regardless if you prefer traditional round knobs or more contemporary lever handles. We have something for everyone in our Superior brass fittings. So why settle for bland hardware when you can make a statement with our beautiful brushed brass door handles? Upgrade your doors today and experience the Superior difference.

How To Choose The Right Brass Door Handle From Superior?

When it comes to choosing the right brass door handle from Superiors hardware range. There are a few factors you should consider. Think about the style of your home and what type of superior handle would complement it best. If you have a modern or minimalist interior design. Then a brushed Superior brass door hardware might be the perfect choice for internal door handles. On the other hand. If you live in a period property or are looking to achieve an antique look. Then an aged brass door handle could be just what you need. It's important to ensure that your chosen brass handles match well with other hardware features such as light fixtures and faucets. Functionality is also key when selecting a brass front door handle. Do you want one with or without a lock? Will it be used frequently or mainly for decoration? Consider durability too. Will this Superior brass door hardware last through constant use? Don't forget about comfort. Test out different shapes and sizes of handles and hardware. See which feels most comfortable in your hand before making any final decisions on which one suits your needs best. Selecting the perfect Superior brass door handle can be an arduous task with all of the choices available. If you're struggling to narrow down your selection, our team is here to help. We also provide hinges, hardware, bolts, accessories and Superior brass fittings to match. No matter where you are located across Australia, we ship to you.