FAAC 950N2 Auto Door Operator Push Or Pull Fire Rated External Use

Swing Door Operator used in new construction or retrofitted onto existing doors. designed for heavy duty use and traffic.

Swing Door Operator Function - opens and closes the internal door silently and smoothly.


  • Can be installed both on the architrave and directly on the structure of the door
  • The innovatively designed housing cover can be supplied in anodised extruded aluminium or moulded ABS
  • Can also be used to automate double-leaf entrances by setting up two units in a master / slave configuration allowing the double leaf to be moved as if by a single system
  • Equipped with two electronic boards: 950N2 MPS (control board) and 950N2 I/O (input/output board)
  • A microprocessor controls all door activity in real time and a magnetic encoder continuously detects its angular position
  • The operating logic (automatic, manual, night, open) can also be selected via an integrated selector
  • The system is manufactured in conformity with the new European Safety Standards
  • The speed and force are programmed according to the dimensions of the door
  • If an obstacle is detected, the door re-opens immediately and as it closes, it checks, at reduced speed, that the obstacle is no longer present
  • Carefully selected mechanical and electrical components means that our 950N2 automation system is able to move leaves weighing over 360 Kg in continuous use, while always maintaining absolute operational safety


  • EN16005: Complies with European Standard EN16005 regarding the safety in use of automatic doors.
  • Safe Zone: The systems that make it easier to produce automation systems that comply with the requirements of the current European Directive on safety (DM 2006/42/EC).


  • Function: Body Only
  • Power Supply Voltage: 220-240 V~ – 50/60 Hz
  • Max. Power: 100 W
  • Standby Power: 5 W
  • Use Frequency: 100%
  • Electric Motor: Motor powered at 24V
  • Max. Accessories Load: 1A – 24V 
  • Electric Lock Power Supply Voltage: (N.O./N.C.) 24 V  / 500 mA max.
  • Length: 530
  • Depth: 160
  • Height: 105 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Operation in Case of Power Cut: Manual push/pull opening – Spring closing
  • Max. Leaf Opening Angle: 100 Degrees ÷ 125 Degrees
  • Opening Leaf Time: 4 – 10 sec (adjustable)
  • Closing Leaf Time: 4 – 10 sec (adjustable)
  • Partial Opening Adjustment: 10% – 90% of total opening
  • Pause Time: 0 – 30 sec
  • Night Pause Time: 0 ÷ 90 sec
  • Encoder: As standard
  • Protection Sensor Monitoring (EN16005): As standard (may be excluded)
  • Low Energy Movement (EN16005): As standard (may be excluded)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: -20 Degree Celsius ÷ +55 Degree Celsius
  • Protection Class: IP 23 (for internal use only)
  • Compliance with Regulations: EN 16005; EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 13849-1; EN13849-2
  • Available Functions:
    • Body Only
    • Articulated Arm Outward Opening
    • Slide Arm Inward Opening
Brand FAAC