Knob Sets


Keeler Hardware / SCL Keeler has a wide variety of door knob sets that you can choose from to accommodate your needs and specifications. Our website and stores in Australia offer a selection of products that match with the style and design of your door.

Having door knobs that match the style of your door and the entire house or establishment adds to the beauty of its design.

Entrance knobs, storeroom knobs, entrance lever sets, door lock combo sets, door knobs, and doorknob privacy sets are available in our online stores and stores in Australia.

The products we offer are easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for do-it-yourself installation and repairs at home. We sell fire rated and residential door knobs. These items are perfect for any kind of door and entrances.

Our doorknob sets are available in different finishes and sizes to make sure they fit the size and design of the door where it is going to be used. We have doorknob sets in satin stainless steel, polished brass, antique copper, and polished stainless steel.

You can choose between doorknobs and locks that are keyed to differ and keyed alike.

We sell items from trusted brands like Brava and Kaba.

The products we offer are affordable and made of high-quality materials. From a starting price of $8.50, you can buy a door knob set that matches your needs and specification.

Best of all, you can have your orders shipped for FREE when you buy over $99.00 worth of products.

If you need assistance in choosing the best product that matches your requirements, don't hesitate to send us an email at

To see the full range of products we offer, you can browse through the pages of our website or visit our stores in Australia.