Lockwood 791 Series Panic Bolt

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Single action bolt with positive locking into keeper at the top or bottom of the door. When fixed to the door the bolt is supported by a high grade stainless steel spring which holds the bolt in the locked position.

The Lockwood 781/791 Panic (Skeleton) Bolts are designed and packaged specifically for the commercial and residential door market. Each pack contains items necessary for timber door fixing.

A comprehensive range of panic (skeleton) bolts where a high degree of strength and durability is required, ideally suited to doors where barrel bolts would be inadequate.

Available with both visible and concealed fixing suitable for timber, metal doors and gates in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings, where there is a need for high grade, durable fittings.These bolts are generally installed on the inactive leaf of double doors or doors where there is no need for primary egress.

Bolt Throw - The bolt throw is the distance the bolt moves from the fully retracted position to the fully locked position. Standard throw is 50 mm.

Fixing - Visible fixing. Sufficient screws are supplied with all bolts. Each bolt is supplied with a floor plate and top guide.

Security - All 781/791 panic/skeleton bolts conform with Level S2 (Physical Security) Mechanical Locksets for Doors in Buildings to Australian Standard (No. AS 4145.2-1993) for deadbolts.

Durability - All 781/791 panic (skeleton) bolts conform with Level D3 (Durability) Mechanical Locksets for Doors in Buildings to Australian Standard (AS 4145.2-1993) for deadbolts.

Length - 1000mm

Bolt Material - All Lockwood panic/skeleton bolts and accessories are made of the highest grade brass material.

Standard Finish - Satin chrome

Brand Lockwood