ABUS Red Nylon Lightweight Aluminium Padlock

Padlock commonly used in in both low and high security installations. (e.g. lockers, gates, cabinets, drawers etc.)

Padlock Function - a spring rests inside the lock and pushes against each latch, driving it outwards and into the notch with the angled edges. The shackle cannot be pulled out since the latch and notch are interlocked.

  • A lightweight aluminium padlock with a vinyl encased body and shackle that provides protection against electric shock.
  • Featuring Nano-Protect™ shackle for superior corrosion resistance and special keyway (WB25L).


  • Special keyway (WB25L) - 6 pin
  • Key retaining Solid aluminum core
  • Nano-Protect™ shackle for superior corrosion resistance
  • Body and shackle insulated against electric shock
  • Automatic locking


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Body Width: 40mm
  • Horizontal Shackle Clearance: 19mm
  • Vertical Shackle Clearance: 38mm
  • Shackle Diameter: 6.75mm
  • Keying: Keyed to Differ
  • Padlock Is Rekeyable: No
  • Safety Padlock: Yes
  • Finish: Red
Barcode # 4003318083419
Brand Abus

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