Bellevue Ceam 3D Invisible Concealed Door Hinge

Ceam 3D Invisible Concealed Door Hinge is commonly used in residential homes, offices, hotels, and other architectural projects where a sleek and unobtrusive appearance is desired.

Ceam 3D Invisible Concealed Door Hinge Function - recessed into the door and door frame, so when the door is closed, the hinge is completely concealed. This creates a seamless and streamlined appearance without visible hardware.


  • Load capacity up to 44kg @ 900mm wide doors
  • Only 18mm deep (rebate ideal for cupboards & high frequency opening doors)
  • Fully 3D adjustable system on three axis (S.T.A.R.S.)
  • Ceam quick release system
  • 100% made in Italy for over 50 years
  • Router template available for easy installation and slot symmetry
  • Suitable for internal & external (under cover) locations
  • Suitable for residential, commercial & industrial locations


  • Length: 100 mm
  • Width: 22 mm
  • Depth: 18 mm
  • Suitable For Doors: Wood, Alluminium, Steel
  • Minimum Door Thickness: 28mm
  • 3D Adjustable: Yes
  • Finish: Nickel
  • Sold as Single Hinge

Load Capacity:

  • Load capacity 2 hinges: 25 kg
  • Load capacity 3 hinges: 30 kg
  • Load capacity 3 hinges asymmetrical: 40 kg
  • Load capacity 4 hinges: 44 kg
Barcode # 2000000006741
Brand Bellevue