Bellevue Justor Double Action Spring Hinge

Note: ****Sold As Single Hinge****

Unlike traditional double action hinges which require a jamb to mount onto, the new DA120W & 180W does not. Due to its revolutionary design, the new “DA120W & DA180W” Double Action Spring Hinge from Justor of Spain now mounts directly to a flat surface. No need to build out the wall or the jamb to cater for the knuckles of the hinge. Screw straight onto the wall. Simple, clean and easy....

What makes the DA120W & DA180W totally unique is its revolutionary design. Specifically engineered to cater for doors where the traditional jamb for the hinge to be mounted to does not exist. With this fact in mind, the DA120W & 180W opens up endless possibilities to where you can hang a door and how the door and wall can be designed with aesthetics of the environment in mind.

Ideal for internal or external applications, wherever a dual swing door (a door that swings in both directions such as a pivot door does) needs to return to a centre position without assistance. Designed to automatically close doors with a subtle visual appearance. Its sleek, stylish and simple design makes it ideal for all environments. Made in Spain by Justor, the DA120W & DA180W are highly functional and totally adjustable to bring the door back quickly or slowly.

The Justor DA120W & DA180W has multiple tension settings for variable closure speed and adjustments can be made without having to take the door down. Guaranteed for 2 years and stocked locally in large quantities by Bellevue in Melbourne; the Justor DA120W & DA180W is hard to overlook.


  • Spring Resistance + 500,000 cycles
  • Automatically Closes Door
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 spring blades
  • Resistant to extreme Climatic Conditions (Cold and Humidity)
  • Maximum resistance to bending
  • Torsion Spring not a Coil Spring 
  • Variable Closing Strength (speed)
  • Highly Efficient 180° Working Aperture
  • Solid and Stylish Design
  • For Wood or Aluminium Doors
  • Slim Profile vs. Bulky Door Closer
  • Quick & Simple Installation
  • No Periodic Greasing Required
  • Manufactured in Spain and comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Anodized Silver finish
Barcode # 8422536016041
Brand Bellevue

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