Concealed (and unconcealed) door pivots deliver you style and control

Author: Digital Eagles   Date Posted:12 May 2020 

Concealed (and unconcealed) door pivots deliver you style and control main image Concealed (and unconcealed) door pivots deliver you style and control image
There are several problems with hinged or standard doors. Firstly, you have to cut into the wall to provide the pivot points and it is never ideal when you have to unnecessarily cut and chisel into your property.


These hinges and other devices also have to carry a lot of load (especially with larger doors becoming more popular) and endure a lot of use from people constantly opening and closing the door – which is what it is there for.


This can lead to structural damage to your property, including doors that become unaligned and difficult to open and close. You might also experience a total failure of hinges that result in replacement costs and security issues until the problem is resolved. In some cases, (especially when dealing with bigger/heavier doors) it’s better to think more long term.


The solution? Concealed door pivots

Operating on a spindle, there are no visible hinges or pivot points which make your entry and exit points look more sleek and stylish. The wear and tear issues are eliminated and your walls in the door frame are safe from damage.

But that is the beginning of the benefits offered by concealed door pivots.


Your ceiling and floors are also protected

Modern systems are fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door itself and there are no structural elements that need to exist in or near your floor or ceiling. Additionally (unlike standard hinges where all the weight is supported at one end of the door) Pivot Door kits allow a more even distribution of the weight of the door.


They are versatile

No matter what kind of door you want to install, concealed pivots are available. Timber, steel, framed glass, cladded doors – you name it, there is a solution to suit any application.

This means you can utilise concealed designs in any setting, in residential homes and commercial premises.


You have total control

Traditional doors can feel heavy to open, can become stiff and in some cases can get stuck completely. This is not ideal for homes with children who need to use them or commercial premises where people from all walks of life will need to gain entry.

Concealed pivot doors glide open smoothly, as quickly or as slowly as you require.

There is zero weight behind the door either, you simply push it and it slides open with even the gentlest of touches.


They don’t creak or moan

Many people are so used to traditional designs that it would seem unusual if they did not make a noise when you opened them. We are accustomed to creaking and moaning from hinged options that we can forget there are noise-free options.


Concealed pivot doors are as quiet as a whisper.

There are many different kinds of door pivots available to suit the style and needs you require for your home or business.


Here are some examples that might be the best choices for your space:

  • The Lockwood 985-400 is a free-swinging standard pivot. It’s not fully concealed, but surface mounted into the floor and ceiling/frame and there are no handing restrictions (whereas hinges only allow your door to swing one way)
  • The Fritsjurgens is beautifully concealed sprint loaded pivot which allows controlled movement of the door and available with hold open settings
  • The Dorma BTS80 and BTS75 have similar functionality to the Fritsjurgens but are not concealed.


Browse our range and speak to our team about easy installation methods and options for your access points.

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