How the right sash balance can be the difference for your windows

Author: Digital Eagles   Date Posted:7 May 2020 

How the right sash balance can be the difference for your windows main image How the right sash balance can be the difference for your windows image
The premise of a sash window is simple and timeless. These windows are made up of two panels (or sashes) that rest in vertical tracks, one behind the other.


They have a simple, flat profile so they are unobtrusive, suit most homes and are easy to clean from the inside – making them a perfect option for almost any room in the house. Operating these designs is important, though, as you don’t want them to be stiff or locked up completely. This is why the sash balance is an important component.

But first, let’s learn a bit more about the sash window itself.


The history of the sash window

Of all of the different styles out there, the sash variety is perhaps one of the oldest that remains in use today. There is a history of them being used in the 13th century across Europe, although there was no glass in the panes and they operated more like wooden shutters.

They were originally horizontal sliding in function, a trend that continued into the 17th century. It was then, in France, that the common vertical, glazed sash became popularised.

Casement windows were the norm but they presented challenges in stairways and passages, as they obstructed the path if opened inwards and presented a falling hazard if opened outwards.

Eventually, sash windows became widely used in these settings, before spreading to other parts of buildings and homes.


The benefits of these designs

First of all, it is important to note that these types of windows are very popular because of their aesthetics. They suit almost any decor, adding a traditional touch that suits older properties while also enhancing the look of more modern settings.

Maintenance is also a breeze because of the basic design. You won't need to regularly sand or varnish them, while they are also resistant to warping and rot caused by changes in the weather.

And, perhaps most importantly, they are extremely secure with a range of devices that can lock them into place.


Why the right sash balance is vital for your windows

When it comes to the operation of your sash, you want to know that they will slide easily, not get jammed and not provide friction that can cause damage or wear to the frames.

Having the right balance is the solution, as they will ensure a smooth, sliding action while they can also include shock-absorbing stops to help prevent sudden opening and closing that could damage the glass.

Spiral balances are the best solution for ease of use and Keeler Hardware has a range from industry leaders like Whitco available. And there are also specialist tools to change the tension to suit your individual needs.

Keeler Hardware has a wide variety of sash balances to suit almost any existing window type, so if you are having difficulty operating yours then browse our range to find a secure, easy-to-install option that will make opening and closing your design simple and safe.

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