How to secure your garage the right way

Date Posted:4 March 2021 

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We all take measures to secure our homes, but it is important that we apply the same diligence to our garages as well. We all take measures to secure our homes, but it is important that we apply the same diligence to our garages as well.

The garage is where we keep our vehicles, our tools and a range of other valuables and they can be an easy target for thieves if they are left unsecured. Here are some tips to ensure that your garage is totally off-limits to unwanted intruders:

1. Don't leave your garage remote in your car or with your keys

If an intruder gets a hold of your car keys, the remote will give them a way to get it out as well. If they break into your car, getting the remote means they can access your home.


2. Frost, tint or cover any windows

You don't want opportunistic thieves being able to see what you have in your garage as that can increase the chances of them trying to break in. The garage is not a room where you really need to be able to enjoy views so if you have windows, reduce the visibility so nosey crooks can’t inspect your valuables. 


3. Keep up the maintenance

Like any other part of the home, the locks, hinges, door frames, garage door and access point to your home can degrade over time. Inspect these components regularly and replace any parts immediately with the best quality components to ensure your space is safe.


4. Invest in the proper locks

Get proper garage roller door locks that are made from durable materials and require their own separate key to unlock. Install deadbolts to your door and also the door connecting the garage to your home, as this is an access point that opportunistic thieves will try and exploit.


5. Install a secure door

It goes without saying that your garage roller door should be sturdy and secured with strong bolts. But also ensure the doorway to your home is secured with a heavy option. This is an area where many people can relax a little bit, sometimes not having a door at all for easy access to the area. But you don't want this to be a vulnerability of your home so install a strong door with the right security fixtures as well.


6. Install security lights

Most thieves are going to try and use darkness as a shield to break and enter. Install bright motion sensor lighting and they will quickly flee.


7. Secure the emergency release

Thieves can access your garage in less than a minute with a simple coat hanger by hooking it onto your emergency release and pulling it down. You can secure this with zip ties or another option is to cut it so a coat hanger won't be able to catch it. To ensure you are getting the best quality locks, hinges and other components, browse the full range available at Keeler Hardware so you can be assured of the best.

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