Let it breathe: How to welcome spring and summer into your home

Let it breathe: How to welcome spring and summer into your home main image Let it breathe: How to welcome spring and summer into your home image
As spring sprints towards summer, home renovations and building projects are kicking into gear. This is the time of year to make the most of the great Australian climate with features that blend indoor and outdoor living together.


In this post, we’re touching on some of the easiest ways to integrate this mix into your space – all without unnecessary costs or drama.

Bifold bliss

Bifold doors are a great home improvement option that lets the outdoors in and adds quality of life towards both you and your property.

Glass-panelled bifolds can seamlessly connect a kitchen or living room to a deck or verandah. Additionally, the panels run on tracks and “stack” when folded back. Best of all, they tick lots of boxes for homeowners or builders:


  • Fully opened bifolds create easy access and maximum space between indoor and outdoor areas.
  • In warmer months, they can be left open, creating one big room that’s perfect for holiday and seasonal entertaining.
  • They can be easily installed. An existing window or sliding door can be converted into a bifold by an experienced builder or serious DIY enthusiast.


Keeler Hardware stocks a huge range of <a href="https://www.keelerhardware.com.au/door-hardware/bifold-sliding-doors/>Brio bifold hardware – brackets, tracks, handles – to make your bifold project a success. Have a chat to us before you start about measuring, preparing and choosing the right items for your needs.


A stress-free summer

Ideally, you want to take advantage of your bifold doors by leaving them wide open. This allows you to enjoy surrounding views and provides sufficient access between your home and garden. However, make sure to stay on top of security – another major homeowner priority in warmer months.

Over winter, people hibernate and may not open a window for weeks. During summer, you want to let your home breathe – especially over the holidays when kids and guests are wandering in and out of the house.

Note: There’s nothing like a cool breeze drifting through an open window. But if you are keeping windows and doors ajar, vigilance about security is a must.

A surprising amount of burglaries happen when homeowners are inside the house.  Door and window screens and locks, as well as home security systems, are all smart investments all year round. If you need to upgrade, spring and summer periods are the ideal time to look into the latest options on the market.


Secure solutions

One way to maintain peace of mind in the warmer seasons is to secure precious items and jewellery in a safe or cabinet. Knowing your valuables are locked up will help you relax when you need it most.

We also recommend regularly checking and replacing your window locks, as well as other essentials that get a lot of traction, ensuring they’re up to scratch. This may include your screen and sliding door locks.

Digital locks, like the keyless Borg models that are popular with Keeler Hardware clients, are designed to instill confidence. Naturally, there is comfort knowing that while you’re out the back entertaining, there won’t be any nasty surprises with people entering through the front door undetected.

When it comes to safety, the idea is to be prepared, not scared. Luckily, many people are well aware of the need for preventative measures and set themselves up for stress-free lifestyles. While we don’t directly sell doors, we highly recommend getting in touch so that we can recommend a supplier based on your requirements.

And as always, the friendly experts at Keeler Hardware are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you enjoy a sensational and secure summer.

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