Three simple DIY projects that can breathe new life into your home

Date Posted:17 May 2021 

Three simple DIY projects that can breathe new life into your home main image Three simple DIY projects that can breathe new life into your home image
Are you looking for a DIY project that will add value and functionality to your living spaces?

You don’t need a massive bankroll or a team of contractors to achieve big things. With the right hardware and your own skills, you can create amazing spaces at your place.

We have put together three simple improvement projects that are trending in 2021 to help inspire you to bring out the best at your place and put your skills to work.


Set up an office or study nook

While it is hoped that the widespread vaccinations being rolled out will put the brakes on the spread of COVID-19, a lasting impact will be the volume of people working from home. When the pandemic hit and businesses were forced to adapt to a remote workforce, many have discovered the benefits of this model and there will be plenty of workers continuing to work remotely.

A University of Sydney study found that 75 per cent of workers believe that employers will continue to support remote work models. People working out of office soared from 20 per cent prior to COVID-19 to 45 per cent during the pandemic, and now Australians are looking to work remotely at least two days on a more permanent basis.

If someone in your household is in this boat, a great home DIY project is to create them a home office or study nook so they can have a dedicated place to work that isn't the kitchen table.


Outdoor living spaces

A big trend right now is creating genuine living spaces outside. We are not talking about a simple pergola or deck (although these remain excellent home improvement options) – we are talking about blurring the lines of where your indoor spaces end, and your outdoor spaces begin. Keeler Hardware has all the door hardware you need to achieve this, with large sliding doors, bi-fold doors and concertina doors great options to open your place up to outdoor living spaces.

Another popular option right now is outdoor bathrooms, which allow you to combine shower or bath time with nature for a pure and calming effect. It is also a great option for households with active children, enabling you to get them clean after a day of play without them tracking sand, dirt and mud into the house. This can be easily constructed with just a few wooden dividers and some basic bathroom hardware.


Refresh your kitchen without a total renovation

Replacing or renovating a kitchen is a major disruption and an even bigger expense that not everyone has the time or money to achieve.

That doesn't mean you can't give your kitchen a major facelift. Replacing the hardware on your cabinets is the simplest and best way to achieve that. These are inexpensive and easy to install, and Keeler Hardware has the full range of vintage and modern options to suit the look you are going for.


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