Brava Urban Deadbolt Single Cylinder

Single Cylinder Deadbolt most commonly used type of door lock in residential properties.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Function - have a keyed cylinder on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside to lock and unlock the door In the event of an emergency, the thumb turn on the interior enables for a quick evacuation.


  • Heavy duty single cylinder and turn deadbolt
  • Incorporates the popular PD 8221 style cylinder
  • Compatible to most restricted key systems
  • Ideal for both commercial and domestic applications
  • Saw resistant bolt
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Two keys per lock


  • Door Thickness: 35mm - 45mm
  • Keying: Keyed Alike
  • Backset: Adjustable 60mm - 70mm
  • Finish: Polished Brass

Please note if buying more than 1 lock:

This listing is for 'keyed alike' (KA) locks, for example:

  • if you buy 5 locks, all 5 locks can be opened with the 1 same key
  • If you need 'keyed to differ' (KD) locks, please search for our other listing with 'KD' or 'keyed to differ' in the title.
Brand Brava

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