Castella Statement Stirling Cabinet T Knob

Cabinet T Knobs are used as a handling feature for opening and closing cabinet doors or drawers. (e.g. Usually used but not limited to kitchen cabinets and drawers, pantries, dressers, and many other small storage)

Cabinet T Knob Function - Facilitates the operation of cabinet doors and drawer by gripping the pull knob before pulling it to open or close the cabinet door or drawer.


  • Classic rail handle, designed for modern cabinetry.
  • Stirling is timeless, easy to use, smooth to touch and will add a hint of luxury to your cabinets.  The pull handles are made from solid brass to give you added strength and durability


  • Length: 50mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Projection: 35mm
  • Finish: Bronze
SKU CAS22005047
Brand Castella