Cowdroy Soft Close Mechanism

Soft Close Mechanism is a valuable addition to a sliding door system, providing safety, convenience, and longevity.By incorporating a soft close mechanism into your sliding door system, you enhance both the functionality and safety of the door, providing a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

Soft Close Mechanism Function -Reduces the risk of fingers getting caught and minimizes damage to the door and frame from slamming and ensure;the door closes at a controlled pace, avoiding sudden movements.


  • 2 x Soft-Close Dampener
  • 6 x dampener screws
  • 1 x Left Hand Soft-Close Catch
  • 1 x Right Hand Soft-Close catch
  • 4 x Catch screws


  • A pair of Soft-Close Dampeners and Catches which integrate seamlessly into Robemaker systems rated up to 40kg
  • The dampeners fit concealed in the top track while the catches locate unobtrusively to the top of the door
  • When the doors are closed their travel is slowed to almost a halt and then pulled closed to complete a smooth, silent and soft-closing operation


  • Maximum Load:40kg
  • Length:300mm
  • Width: 80mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Range: Triumph
  • Size: 68kg


  • TT35700 Adapter is NOT included in the TT59800 Soft Close Kit and must be purchased separately. 
Barcode # 9312119007124
Brand Cowdroy

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