Halliday & Baillie Round Floor Mounted Double Magnetic Door Stop

Magnetic Door Stop is a device that uses a magnet to hold the door open or prevent it from opening too far. It can help protect the walls and doors from damage and keep the door in a fixed position for convenience or ventilation.

Magnetic Door Stop Function - usually consists of two parts: a metal plate that attaches to the door and a magnet that attaches to the wall or the floor. The magnet attracts the metal plate and keeps the door in place.


  • Designed to provide a stronger mechanical holding force than the HB 710 model for when a mechanical hold-open function is required
  • Steel keeper is finished to match and nests perfectly into the magnet, providing a strong 3300 Gauss force for securing larger doors
  • Suitable for interior or covered exterior use


  • Material: Milled Aluminium
  • Length: 61mm
  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Magnet Diameter: 38mm
  • Magnet Projection: 5mm
  • Keeper Projection: 12mm
  • Centerline of Magner with Base: 41mm
  • Available Finish:
    • Black Chrome
    • Dark Bronze
    • Electro Black Ace
    • Electro Dark Bronze
    • Electro Medium Bronze
    • Satin Chrome
    • White
Brand Halliday and Baillie