Nidus Door Handle Spacer Rings

Door Spacer Rings are small, often circular components used in the installation of doors. Typically made of durable materials such as plastic or metal, and they come in various thicknesses to accommodate different door and frame sizes

Door Spacer Rings Function - help to align the door properly within its frame. They ensure that the door sits evenly and at the correct height within the door frame, preventing it from rubbing against the frame or floor when opening or closing.


  • Nidus door hardware is innovative and provides a modern look to any home
  • For door handles with square backplates
  • Spacer rings fit between Mediterranean lever backplates and the door
  • Provide greater installation surface area when required, particularly for 54mm standard holes.


  • Height: 62mm
  • Length: 62mm
  • Available Finish:
    • Matt Black
    • Polished Chrome
    • Satin Chrome
  • Sold as Pair
Brand Nidus