Halliday & Baillie Stair Rail Bracket

Stair Rail Bracket - is installed directly on a wall. Typically used for Commercial & Domestic projects

Stair Rail Bracket Function - are used to attach stairway railings to the wall of a stairway for safety and utility


  • The Halliday + Baillie HB540 Stair Rail Bracket is ideal for use with squared profile wooden balustrades, but can also be used with round
  • Includes all fasteners including anchor for masonry and wood framed plasterboard walls
  • Epoxy not included
  • Suitable for Interior or covered exterior use
  • Our brackets have been tested and comply with AS/NZ1170. 1:2022 Structural Design Action Standards, and the International Building Code (IBC 2003) 200lb fall rating. In addition, all of our brackets work within the New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solutions D1/AS1 Access Routes, depending on the balustrade used


  • Material: Non-anodised aluminium alloy
  • Recommended Spacing: 600mm to 800mm
  • Projection from wall: 100mm (offstand)
  • Overall Height: 59mm (upstand)
  • Finish: Satin Chrome
Brand Halliday & Baillie