Firstlock Radial Pin 21mm Cam Locks

A series of cam locks with a tubular keyway. These high security cam locks have a cylindrical shaped key and are suitable in any application where there is a need for better security. Therefore these locks are very suitable for high security applications such as gaming machines. Radial pin cam locks are commonly used in general sheetmetal fabrication and showcase cabinets.


  • Has 21mm long body and fixed with a locking nut
  • Key removable in one position (12 o'clock) only
  • 7 Pin Cylinder
  • Non master keyed
  • Keyed alike 
  • Keyblanks available, use Keyline CH9T (Silca CH9T) key
  • Chrome plate finish

Please note if buying more than 1 lock:
This listing is for 'keyed alike' (KA) locks, for example:
- if you buy 5 locks, all 5 locks can be opened with the 1 same key

If you need 'keyed to differ' (KD) locks, please search for our other listing with 'KD' or 'keyed to differ' in the title.

Brand Firstlock