Firstlock Cupboard Lock 5 Disc Round Base

  • The FL200 series offers a variety of round and square back cupboard locks with a variety of cam fittings. These include locks with offset or extended tongues to overcome the varied applications required in this industry. Offset tongues can be used mainly for hampers where an extra groove is added in the carcass to take the offset. Extended tongues are used in applications where a longer reach is required.


  • All round back lock bodies have a 35mm diameter back plate to enable you to recess in the back of the false drawer front by using a hinge cutter
  • Barrels are to be ordered separately and are available in both keyed to differ and keyed alike (BREM2)
  • All cupboard/drawer locks are supplied with bezel
  • 20mm cylinder projection with 19mm diameter
  • Suits LF16 (Silca LF6R) keyway
  • Barrel included (not pictured)
  • Keyed to differ
  • Chrome plate finish

Please note if buying more than 1 lock:
This listing is for 'keyed to differ' (KD) locks, for example:
- if you buy 5 locks, all 5 locks will use a different key

If you need 'keyed alike' (KA) locks, please search for our other listing with 'KA' or 'keyed alike' in the title.

Brand Firstlock