Firstlock T Handle

The Firstlock series of T handles are an economical option when looking for T handles.


  • Standard 75mm spindle length
  • Rear fix
  • Turns 90 degrees to unlock
  • Comes with all fixings necessary
  • Keyline LF16 (Silca LF6R) keyway
  • Chrome plate finish
  • 60000 key series
  • Keyed alike

Please note if buying more than 1 lock:

This listing is for 'keyed alike' (KA) locks, for example:

  • if you buy 5 locks, all 5 locks can be opened with the 1 same key
  • If you need 'keyed to differ' (KD) locks, please search for our other listing with 'KD' or 'keyed to differ' in the title.
Brand Firstlock