Hafele Slido Single Running Aluminum Track Rail

Track Rail is commonly used in residential and commercial settings for sliding closet doors, room dividers, office partitions, storage solutions, and hospitality venues such as hotels and resorts for sliding doors in guest rooms and common areas.

Track Rail Function - facilitates smooth door sliding, offers structural support for stability, and maximizes space efficiency with its horizontal sliding design.


  • Product Type: Single running track
  • Available Length:
    • 2000mm
    • 3000mm
  • Width: 31mm
  • Height: 33mm
  • Version: Pre-drilled
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Track version: Single
  • For Door Weight: 50 - 160 kg
  • Finish: Silver coloured, anodized

Additional information attributes:

  • Bright aluminium running track cannot be used in combination with the clip panel.
  • Approved for door weights up to 160 kg in combination with Slido D-Line11 160P with soft and self closing mechanism on both sides.
SKU HAF940439_
Brand Hafele