Halliday & Baillie Continuous Drawer Pull

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Continuous Drawer Pull is seamlessly integrate beautiful aluminum continuous pulls into your cabinetry for easy opening along the length of the drawer. Brilliant design is especially stunning on a series of drawers or cabinets that run together with a minimalist linear feel. Seated comfortably on the top side of the drawer with a generous grip surface channel. Running the entire length of the cabinetry helps to accentuate the smooth lines and create a seamless infinite look. Enhance the overall aesthetic with the perfect finishing touch.

Continuous Drawer Pull Function - is typically refers to a handle or hardware attached to a drawer that allows for a continuous grip along its length. This type of pull is often used for aesthetic reasons and ease of use, especially in modern and sleek design aesthetics.


  • Ideal as a slimline drawer or joinery door pull in kitchens, bathrooms etc, the Halliday + Baillie extrusion series come in a range of six styles
  • Larger rounded profile of the HB 385 Drawer Pull makes this a good choice for larger drawers or doors (please see the HB 387 for a square edge)
  • Usually mounted flush to the drawer top or along the door with the small ‘Christmas tree’ fixing post slotted into the drawer or cupboard edge


  • Materials: Extruded Architectural Aluminium
  • Length: 3 Meters
  • Retaining stem: 13 x 3.5mm (designed for mounting in centre of standard 18mm drawer front)
  • Finish: Raw Unfinished


Brand Halliday & Baillie