Halliday & Baillie Offset Flush Pull

Flush Pull has a sleek and minimalist design for a comfortable and secure grip to push and pull the doors effortlessly. Commonly used on sliding doors.

Flush Pull Function - Intended for use on sliding doors due to the need for these doors to slide in front of each other or back into a slot, thus eliminating the need for a handle that protrudes from the surface of the doors.


  • A larger format and a deeper internal grip along one side perfect for bi-folding, hnge or pivot door sets, or where large, heavy sliders need extra finger grip to pull the door


  • Material: Milled Solid brass
  • Length: 310mm
  • Inner Length: 260mm
  • Width: 50mm
  • Outer Grip Width: 44mm
  • Inner Grip Width: 27mm
  • Side Flange: 3mm
  • Top Flange: 19mm
  • Bottom Flange: 15mm
  • Face Plate Depth: 2mm
  • Finger Depth: 14mm
  • Overall Depth: 16mm
  • Available Finish:
    • Black Chrome
    • Brushed Nickel
    • Dark Bronze
    • Electro Black Ace
    • Electro Dark Bronze
    • Electro Flat White
    • Electro Medium Bronze
    • Polished Brass
    • Polished Chrome
    • Satin Chrome
    • White
SKU HB1475_
Brand Halliday and Baillie