Home Renovation Planning Guide

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How To Prepare for a Renovation



Create or gather detailed plans for your renovation. Consider layout changes, structural modifications, and new fixtures. Don't forget to include door placements and hardware in your plans. Before coming in for a consultation collect any existing plans, e.g. these can be obtained from your council if there was a previous renovation or bring in any plans if you've already consulted with a designer or architect. If you don't have access to these, just put some ideas and drawings down on paper and take some photo's of the space.

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Gather inspiration for your project. Browse magazines, websites (we recommend Archipro, Instagram and Pinterest amongst others), and our showroom for ideas on styles and hardware finishes, as well as overall design themes that complement your home.

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Colour Palette

Develop a cohesive color scheme for your renovation. This includes wall colours, trims, and the finishes for your door hardware. Ensure all elements work together harmoniously.

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Tradie Info

Compile a list of trusted tradespeople for your project. Include carpenters for door installation, locksmiths for security features, and painters for finishing touches. Don't forget to check their credentials and get multiple quotes.