Kilargo IS7110si Door Perimeter Seal Set

Perimeter Seal can be used to replace the door stop on both steel and timber door frames, where frames are non fire-rated.

Perimeter Seal Function - A wide selection of slimline perimeter seals for use around the head, jambs, and meeting stiles of doors. These seals are suited for use with drop seals or door bottom seals and can accommodate a wide range of gap widths and applications.


  • A compression type perimeter seal, designed to be fitted to an existing door stop, around the head and jambs of single swing doors


  • Gap size: Min. 0mm / max. 7mm
  • Available Door Set Length:
    • Single Door Set: 1 x 1000mm, 2 x 2100mm
    • Long Single Door Set: 1 x 1000mm, 2 x 2750mm
    • Double Door Set: 3 x 2100mm
    • Long Double Door Set: 1 x 2100mm, 2 x 2750mm
  • Available Finish:
    • Black Anodised
    • Clear Anodised


  • Fire tested to AS1530 Part 4 in accordance with AS1905 Part 1
  • Certifications GVYI.R26629, GVWZ.R26629, GVWZ7.R26629
  • Acoustically tested in accordance with AS1191, IS0140.3 & ISO10140-2
Brand Kilargo