Lenlok Nightlatch

Nightlatch is a lock commonly found on home front doors they are mounted to doors that open inwards and mounted to the inner surface of the door. When the door is closed the night latch automatically latches the door shut.

Nightlatch Function - is lock that is fitted on the surface of a door, it is operated from the exterior side of the door by a key and from the interior side of the door by a knob.

The Lenlok night latch series boasts an impressive look with its classic bold contours, sturdy feel with its zinc diecast body, and hold back functionality for the convenience of entering and exiting without the need to keep disengaging the lock.


  • Standard with a locking snib which can be used to hold back the latch
  • External cylinder is a 5 pin C4 broach
  • Key blanks available, use Keyline LKW5 (Silca LW4) profile


  • Keying: Keyed to Differ
  • Material: Zinc diecast body
  • Available Finish:
    • Brown
    • Silver
Brand Lenlok