Metlam Ambulant Morticed Lock and Indicator Set

Ambulant Lock and Indicator is a specialized hardware set commonly used in public restrooms or facilities to provide privacy for users with mobility challenges.

Ambulant Lock and Indicator Function - Users can lock and unlock the door from the inside using a turn bolt or button without the need for a key.


  • 1 x Indicator
  • 1 x Thumb Turn
  • 1 x Mortice Latch
  • 1 x Mortice Face Plate
  • 1 x Mortice Keep


  • Indicator Diameter: 53mm
  • Indicator Projection: 17mm
  • Thumb Turn Diameter: 53mm
  • Thumb Turn Projection: 34mm
  • Thumb Turn Length:
    • 48mm
    • 53mm
  • Mortice Body: 38mm
  • Mortice Depth: 77mm
  • Mortice Height: 77mm
  • Mortice Width: 23mm
  • Mortice Backset: 57mm
  • Mortice Bolt Throw: 14mm
  • Mortice Keep Height: 77mm
  • Mortice Keep Width: 23mm
  • Fixing: Concealed Screw Fix
  • Finish: Satin Stainless Steel
Brand Metlam