Metlam Gravity Hinge

Gravity Hinge is a type of hinge that operates based on the weight of the door itself.

Gravity Hinge Function - can be set to automatically open or close by utilizing the door’s weight as a constant force. Particularly useful for doors that need to swing smoothly without manual effort


  • Step on the back of the hinge plus an increased vertical nylon drop allows for better movement from the gravity function
  • Nylons are set so the door can move past 90° whilst still functioning correctly
  • Nylon cover on the barrel keeps foreign substances from penetrating the pins and nylons allowing for a smoother opening and closing
  • Interchangeable hinge covers including Moda Spring Hinge
  • The fixing holes correlate with the bolt-through faceplates making installation a breeze.
  • Reversible Hold Open or Hold Closed
  • Lift off capability


  • Material: Diecast Zinc Alloy, ZP3
    Load Ratings: 15kg per hinge
  • Center to Center: 49mm
  • Height: 77mm
  • Length: 81mm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Projection: 20mm
  • Mounting: Concealed Screw Fix or Bolt Through
  • Finish: Antimicrobial Coating

For optimum performance:

  • 2 hinges per door up to 30Kgs.
  • For doors over 30Kg allow for 15Kg per hinge.


  • 3 Hinges per door is recommended to prevent door bowing.

Brand Metlam

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