Metlam Lock and Indicator Set

Privacy Indicator Bolt ideally used restrooms, especially public toilets or change rooms.

Privacy Indicator Bolt Function - is used to indicate whether a single-occupant room is occupied or not. These bolts also serve as the room's main lock or additional security.


  • 1 x Indicator
  • 1 x Turn Bolt
  • 1 x Lift Off Staple


  • Indicator Diameter: 50mm
  • Indicator Projection: 13mm
  • Indicator Depth: 9mm
  • Indicator Centre to Centre: 36mm
  • Turn Bolt Length: 68mm
  • Turn Bolt Width: 50mm
  • Turn Bolt Throw: 19mm
  • Turn Bolt Projection: 32mm
  • Staple Length: 33mm
  • Staple Width: 49mm
  • Staple Projection: 11mm
  • Staple Centre to Centre: 31mm
  • Available Finish:
    • Antimicrobial Coated
    • Satin Chrome
    • Satin Pearl
Brand Metlam