Metlam Moda Advantage Kit

Privacy Indicator Bolt ideally used restrooms, especially public toilets. They offer more security compared to regular locks.

Privacy Indicator Bolt Function - is used to indicate whether a single-occupant room is occupied or not. These bolts also serve as the room's main lock or additional security.


  • 1 x Lock and Indicator Set (XCEL_SLIDELOCK_ANMB)
  • 3 x Spring Hinge (MODAHINGE_ANMB)
  • 1 x Bumper (MODA_BUMP_ANMB)
  • 1 x Coat Hook (MODA_HOOK_ANMB)


  • Material: Diecast Zinc, Alloy ZP3 ABS Snap-On Cover
  • Indicator Diameter: 50mm
  • Indicator Projection: 10mm
  • Indicator Depth: 8mm
  • Indicator Centre to Centre: 38mm
  • Slide Lock Height: 50mm
  • Slide Lock Center to Center: 43mm
  • Bolt Throw: 24mm
  • Staple Center to Center: 8mm
  • Staple Width: 28mm
  • Staple Height: 36mm
  • Staple Projection: 15mm
  • Mounting: Concealed Screw Fix
  • Hinge Load Rating: 15kg (per hinge)
  • Hinge Mounting: Concealed Fix
  • Minimum Hinge Clearance For Lift Off Hinges: 35mm
  • Bumper Material: Diecast Zinc and Alloy ZP3
  • Bumper Mounting: Concealed Fix
  • Bumper Length: 55mm
  • Bumper Width: 45mm
  • Bumper Projection: 9.4mm
  • Bumper Centre to Centre: 31mm
  • Bumper Thickness: 7mm
  • Hook Material: Diecast Zinc, Alloy ZP3 Rubber Bumper
  • Hook Mounting: Concealed Screw Fix
  • Hook Height: 60mm
  • Hook Width: 25mm
  • Hook Projection: 90mm
  • Handing: 
    • Left Hand
    • Right Hand
  • Finish: Antimicrobial Coated


  • Deemed to satisfy Disability Standard AS1428.1 for ambulant cubicle specification only.
Brand Metlam