Metlam Moda Gravity Hinge

Gravity Hinge provide smooth and quiet operation, allowing doors and gates to open and close with minimal effort. Commonly used in various applications, including gates, fences, garden doors, cabinet doors, and interior doors.

Gravity Hinge Function - is a type of hinge that operates using the force of gravity to control movement. These hinges are often used in applications where a door or gate needs to swing smoothly and close automatically without the need for springs or other mechanical devices.


  • Step on the back of the hinge plus an increased vertical nylon drop allows for better movement from the gravity function
  • Nylons are set so the door can move past 90° while still functioning correctly
  • The nylon cover on the barrel keeps foreign substances from penetrating the pins and nylons allowing for a smoother opening and closing
  • Interchangeable hinge covers including Moda Spring Hinge
  • Fixing holes correlate with the bolt-through faceplates making installation a breeze
  • Reversible Hold Open or Hold Closed
  • Lift off capability


  • Mounting: Concealed Fix
  • Load Rating: 15kg (per hinge)
  • Available Handing:
    • Left Hand
    • Right Hand
  • Finish: Matt Black
Brand Metlam