Momo Daintree Full Round Timber Handle

Cabinet Handle are used as a handling feature for opening and closing cabinet doors or drawers. (e.g. Usually used but not limited on kitchen cabinets and drawers, pantries, dressers, and many other small storage)

Cabinet Handle Function - Facilitates the operation of cabinet doors and drawer by gripping the pull knob/handle before pulling it to open or close the cabinet door or drawer.


  • Daintree Full Round Handle is a striking piece exquisitely crafted from the finest hardwood
  • Walnut is a hardwood that is very strong and stable with a variation of grain colour that creates a beautiful and desirable finish, perfect for highlighting the detail in our exquisite timber handle range


  • Available Size (Overall Length):
    • 100mm
    • 150mm
    • 200mm
  • Centre Hole: 32mm, and 64mm
  • Available Finish:
    • American Oak Oiled
    • American Oak Raw
    • Blackbutt Oiled
    • Blackbutt Raw
    • Walnut Oiled
    • Walnut Raw
Brand Momo