Sliding Glass Showcase Lock

A showcase lock that fits into a cut hole in a sliding glass display cabinet.

For use on small and large glass sliding doors. On large doors it creates better security as it is difficult to pull the doors apart due to the protrusion of the lock barrels inside the cabinet.
Consists of an internal and external plate which is held together by two screws.
A blocker or a bung with a pin protrusion that is inserted into the keyway to prevent any unauthorised access to the cabinet.
A set of rubber spacing washers is supplied to make fitting easier.
Keyed to differ.
Chrome plate finish.
Suits 17mm diameter hole.
25mm diameter face plate.

Please note if buying more than 1 lock:
This listing is for 'keyed to differ' (KD) locks, for example:
- if you buy 5 locks, all 5 locks will use a different key

If you need 'keyed alike' (KA) locks, please search for our other listing with 'KA' or 'keyed alike' in the title.
Brand RiteFit