Thule Roof Rack Lock Replacement Key
"N" Series

Includes: 1x Key


The Thule Roof Rack and Accessory range of products that have locks, utilise the "N" series of locking barrels. We are selling replacement keys that start with "N" the numbers run from N001 through to N200. If you have lost the keys to your Thule Roof Racks, Bike Carrier, Luggage box, ski arms (roof and towbar mounted) any other Thule accessory that contains an "N" series (prefix) locking barrel. This is the solution to your problem.

You can identify the lock barrel number by looking closely at the barrel itself and you will see a small 3 digit number preceded by a "N" stamped into the stainless steel barrel face. This is the number you need to provide to us in order to receive the correct key. If you are unable to identify this 3 digit number on the barrel that you have or it does not start with an "N" then do not purchase this item, as it will not fit.


Key Code: N001-N200

Brand Thule