UNIQUE Sash Balances
Type 'HD' 12.4mm Diameter to suit 14mm x 14mm Rebate

PLEASE NOTE: These are made to order and require a minimum of 10 business days before dispatch. They are also NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE, so please choose carefully.


UNIQUE Sash Balances are ideal for the replacement of existing Sash Balances or for use in the installation of new sash windows.

Renowned for reliable operation and performance, UNIQUE Sash Balances feature strong spring mechanism and high quality materials and workmanship.

Choose from a selection of sash balance types with specific tube diameter specifications to suit the rebate grooves in common sash windows:

  • Type D -14mm tube for 16mm rebate
  • Type A - 9.5mm tube for 11mm rebate
  • Type B - 12.4mm tube for 14mm rebate
  • Type HD - 12.4mm tube for 14mm rebate - heavy duty.

A variety of tube lengths are also available for each of the above sash balance types, designed to suit a multitude of sash window sizes produced.

Instructions to determine the correct type of sash balance

The correct type of sash balance required for the window is governed by the overall size of the window, the weight of the sash window and the rebate size in the sash window. Follow these steps to ensure specification of the correct sash balances for the windows concerned.

Steps to follow for selection

1. Measure overall window height accurately Measure the overall window height from the inside top of the head to the inside bottom of the sill, as identified by (A) in the FITMENT CHART.

2. Weigh the sash window to confirm spring size Disconnect the existing balance by unscrewing the feet from underneath the window sashes and place the bottom sash window on a set of bathroom scales. Weigh the bottom sash window. This information will be needed to confirm that the standard spring in the selected sash balance part number will carry the window weight.

3. Determine the rebate size in the window for tube diameter Measure the rebate grooving in the window or alternatively measure the diameter of the existing sash balance.

4. What type of foot does your existing balance have? The foot of the balance is the part of the balance that attaches to the underneath of the sash.

5. Select Sash Balance Required The Sash Balance Selection Table shown below can be used to specify the sash balance numbers and relevant part numbers: The overall height of the window, as determined in Step 1, will fall between a size range shown in Column A. Column B shows the tube length for the bottom sash balance for the window range selected from column A. Column C shows the relevant bottom sash balance number for the window range. For the matching top sash balance, specify 2 sizes shorter by using the chart. However, if the top sash window features a 50mm horn, then the top sash balance number would be the same as the bottom sash balance number. (For top sash window with an alternative horn size, please check balance number required with your supplier.)

NOTE: The above instructions assume that both top and bottom sashes are of equal size and meet at the mid rail.