Xtratec Pitbull Floor Anchor

Pitbull Floor Anchor is commonly used in residential garages, driveways, yards, workshops, warehouses, retail stores, and public bicycle racks to secure valuable items

Pitbull Floor Anchor Function - a robust security device designed to provide a secure anchoring point for securing valuable items using chains or cables.


  • A tamper resistant security anchor specifically designed for chaining up motorcycles, quad bikes, jet skis, trailers, boats and your more portable items such as welders, generators, compressors and ride on lawn mowers
  • The loop is made from 17-18 mm hardened & tempered steel
  • Made tamper resistant by hammering in a ball bearing to the hex drive of the head, & also by the counter-sunk tapered design of the washers, making grabbing the head impossible.


  • Material: Hardened Tempered Steel
  • Fixing: 2mm x 75mm M10 Anka Screws
  • Overall Length: 75mm
  • Screw Drive: Hex
  • Screw Head Type: Countersunk
  • Screw Thread: M10
  • Finish: Yellow





Brand Xtratec