Xtratec Super Heavy Duty Sheathed Security Chain

Heavy Duty Sheathed Security Chain is commonly used in residential security for bicycles and motorcycles, commercial security for tools and machinery, public spaces for bike racks, industrial use for equipment, and securing outdoor gear like ladders and garden tools.

Heavy Duty Sheathed Security Chain Function - a robust security solution designed to provide maximum protection against theft and tampering.


  • Ideal combination of high security flexible sheathed chain for locking up your motorcycle or such (Ideal when used in conjunction with our PITBULL Floor Anchor or ANKA-U)
  • Cutter resistant
  • It is sheathed with a high wear resistant cover & has shrink covered ends for practicality & durability
  • Nylon protective sheath


  • Material: Grade 80 heat treated hardened & tempered Herc Alloy, Zinc Plated
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Length: 1500mm


Barcode # 2000000045672
Brand Xtratec