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Restocking Soon: ETA End July - Zanda Apollo Door Handle Leverset Only Brushed Nickel 7015BN - Customise to your needs
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Passage Set Kit (Doors that Don't Need Locking)

Privacy Set Kit (e.g. bathrooms, en-suite's and some bedrooms)

Entrance Set Kit (Doors that need key locking e.g. front or back door)

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Zanda  Apollo Door Handle Lever Set

Door Lever on Rose can be used on any internal door inside your home. Simply combine the lever on rose door handle with a combination of latches, locks and thumb-turns, depending on the room and requirements.

Door Lever on Rose Function - a door handle where the lever is fixed to a circular plate.


  • 1 x Zanda Apollo Leverset


  • Lifetime Warranty - your assurance of quality
  • The arched handle is suggestive of a popular motif used widely within the Art Deco period
  • Modern European styling with superb ergonomic designs for user comfort
  • Through door bolts and grub screws for an extremely secure fix


  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Door Function: Lever Set Only


Zanda Leverset Kits

With this listing, by answering a couple of short questions, you can create a kit customised to your needs:

This listing includes premade kits to suit standard applications. 

However, if you have specific requirements e.g. a different backset to what is provided in the standard kits, please use the "Leverset and Build Your Own Kit" option and add items to your cart as per your custom requirements.

Please Use the Below as a Guide

For "Passage" doors (e.g. a bedroom that doesn't need locking), you will generally need a Lever Door Handle/knob + a Tube Latch. If it's a double door, you may also require flush Bolts. If it's a rebated double door you will need a "rebate kit".

Flush Bolts are used to secure Double Doors, You can choose non-lockable and key-lockable option in various lengths.

When using flush bolts:

We recommend you use one at the top and another at the bottom to keep the door secure and from rattling.
For taller doors (2100mm and above) most customers prefer to use a 300mm on top of the door and 150mm on the bottom for extra security and protection against the wind. Alternatively, some customer's use a magnetic catch (such a PLS24PRO Magnetic Catch).

Note: Zanda does not provide a Rebate Kit in Brushed Nickel. The optional rebate kit provided here is Satin Chrome. Please take this into consideration if you have a rebated double door and are purchasing a rebate kit that does not match the rest of your door furniture. (It is personal choice. Some people don't mind because when the door is closed the rebate kits is pretty much not visible,  but for some people it's a big deal).

For "Privacy" doors (e.g. a bathroom, en suite or a bedroom that you want to lock from the inside by turning a snib) you will generally need a tube latch as well a privacy bolt

For "Entrance" doors (e.g. a front / back door or any door that you want to lock with a key) you will generally need:

A Mortice lock (if you have a rebated (slightly overlapping) double door, please choose a "rebated" version (which also comes with a rebate kit)
Once you've determined the thickness of your door, you can select either a "Key/Key" (lock and unlock with a key from both sides) or a "Key/Thumb" (meaning you can lock the door from the inside using thumb turn, instead of a key). The choice here is one of personal preference.

Flush Bolts

For double doors, you will also need flush bolts.
Flush Bolts are used to secure Double Doors, You can choose non-lockable and key-lockable options in various lengths.
When using flush bolts, most customers prefer to use a 300mm on top of the door (as it's easier to reach) and 150mm on the bottom for extra security and protection against the wind.


(Amongst others) we offer Ball Bearing, Fixed Pin and Lift Off hinges:

Ball Bearing - We recommend using these for Entrance and heavier doors. This is because the ball bearing reduces friction on the hinge and stops squeaking and wearing of the hinge
Fixed Pin - Mainly used on internal doors. They can also be used on entrance doors that are not heavy
Lift Off - Internal use only. Mostly used on bathroom door so the door can be removed (lifted off) in the locked position (e.g. in case of an emergency)
Depending on the weight of your door, you will generally need 3 hinges for an Entrance door (which are more solid) and 2 hinges for internal doors.

Please use the tables below as a guide on the number of hinges you require, as well as the recommended hinge positioning.

When selecting hinges stand on the knuckle side with the door closed and your handing is whichever side the hinge is on.
In the image below the hinge is a Left Hand

Barcode # 9343226004843
Brand Zanda Architectural Hardware

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