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Nidus is a home-grown Australian designer and wholesaler of door hardware, locks and bathroom accessories. They specialise in their Mediterranean range of handles – with their selection including the Capri, Metro, Marino, Turin, Corsica, Roma, Rialto and Altro lines.

Made right here in Australia, Nidus door handles take contemporary products like hinges, stoppers, knob Sets, levers and more to provide you with a stylish look for your home. This brand’s homeware products optimise functionality in any space. Browse concepts that redefine what it means to combine practicality with interior design essentials, complete with finishes that give this brand its modern appeal.

The company's vision has been passed down through generations. Today, they continue to create various types of Nidus door hardware, revolutionising the way people utilise entry points in their homes. As a symbol of quality and creativity, the brand's products are loved the world over.

What are Nidus door handles?

Arguably the most important piece of entry point hardware in any home or office, these essentials allow you easy access to your most vital areas. But without quality design, form and functionality can suffer.

Designed to bridge the gap between traditional concepts and modern functionality, Nidus handles give you everything you need to create a seamless look and sense of practicality in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and more.

Offering less strain, these interal door handle products fit perfectly into place, complete with easy use and mechanisms that give this brand its reputation in the field. Enjoy a long list of styles and makes to choose from, with the textures and finishes in their Mediterranean line providing these products with a unique, sophisticated but uniform look.

Why choose Nidus hardware?

There are so many reasons to love this iconic range, whether as a builder or for use in your own architectural and interior design projects. Take your pick from benefits such as:

  • They complement almost every type of décor.
  • No damage to your existing hardware during installation.
  • Sleek mechanisms for easy use.
  • Long-lasting design.

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