Dormakaba RFID Card for M5 and Grange Smart Door Lock

Note: Card only Lock not included

RFID Card used to regulate access to locations, spaces, or items. To increase security and convenience, many individuals install smart locks in their homes and workplaces.

RFID Card Function - a type of electronic lock that you can open by utilizing RFID-powered credentials, such as key fobs or key cards. Electromagnetic fields are used by RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to establish communication between tags and readers.

  • RFID Card to suit Dormakaba M5 Series Digital Smart locks and The Grange Digital Door Lock.


  • Versatile Applications - RFID cards can be used for access control, time recording, printer contolling, making payments, as employee badges and much more
  • High Level of Data Security - Our special data encryption makes your system secure.
  • Efficient media management - Administer the RFID media within your access contol and assign access rights efficiently.
  • Customisation - Design your RFID media according to your wishes: with company logo, picture, personnel number or other labels.


Electronic key

  • An electronic key carries the chip on the key head. It opens mechanical as well as electronic locks, so the user needs to carry only one access medium for all locks.


  • Also known as ID cards or badges, smartcards are highly popular, as they can be printed with the user’s credentials and the organisation’s logo. This makes visual identity checks possible, which enhances security.

Biometric Identification

  • Fingerprints or iris scans can be used either instead of or in addition to the above forms of identification. Kaba is a leading provider of biometric identification and verification which offer both security and efficiency advantages.


  • Dimensions: 85.6mm x 54.0mm x 0.78mm (+/– 0.08 mm) in line with standard ISO/IEC 7810 type ID-1
  • Customisation: Logo, text, picture, number with offset print/screen print
SKU DORM9400000002246
Barcode # 2000000027449
Brand Dormakaba

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