Jacksons JMC60/46/30mm Backsets Euro Cylinder Mortice Lock Rbt & Std 10 Finishes

Mortice Lock is commonly used in doors. It is known for its durability, security, and classic design. It consists of several components that work together to provide effective locking and unlocking functions.

Mortice Lock Function - where the deadbolt locks by a key on both the exterior and interior of the lock. Latch is activated by turning the key or lever handle if fitted


  • Profile Cylinder Mortice Locks and are popular for domestic use
  • They provide a high level of security


  • Case Depth: 55mm, 69mm, and 83mm
  • Bolt Throw: 10, and 14mm
  • Available Function:
    • Non Rebated
    • Rebated
  • Available Backset:
    • 30mm
    • 46mm
    • 60mm
  • Available Finish:
    • Antique Brass
    • Antique Brass Light
    • Polished Chrome
    • Florentine Bronze
    • Matt Black
    • Polished Brass
    • Satin Brass
    • Satin Chrome
    • Satin Nickel
    • Stainless Steel
Brand Jacksons