McGrath Windsor Digital Door Lock

Digital Door Lock designed for medium to heavy duty applications. Its full size lever handles and its large ## alphanumeric keypad enables to control access in a wide variety of applications.

Digital Door Lock Function - The door can be unlocked by entering the correct code on the digital keypad (allowing keyless entry).


  • 5 Ways to unlock via:
    • Bluetooth
    • Wifi
    • Pin Code
    • Card
    • Mechanical Key
  • Fire Rated 4 in 1 Digital Door Lock is perfect for any buildings or apartments needing a fire rated
  • Sleek door lock with a Bluetooth App, pin code, RFID card and manual key to provide quick and convenient access.
  • 4 in 1 digital door lock represents a stylish design easy entry as you can unlock the door from 3 meters away. 
  • Add a gateway and this lock can be unlocked anywhere in the world using the TTLock app. send digital keys to friends, or timed access if you have a maintenance needing to be done to your house, use the TTLock app to see a complete audit trail on how someone has
    got in and the time. The MLWINDSOR comes with or with out a dormakaba MS2602, MS2902.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof Design
  • External power can be used as the backup powe
  • 4pcs batteries last for 18 months
  • Can open the door with the mechanical key when battery is out
  • Support interval code: It only works at a fixed daily time. Very convenient for daily fixed time babysitter, nursing etc
  • Violence anti-theft alert: It will alert for any violence break-in
  • Dual electric system design: In the even of failure of one circuit system, the other circuit system still operates normally. Such as when fingerprint fails, users still can unlock the door by password
  • Fully App Management


  • Height: 184mm
  • Length: 76.3mm
  • Width: 25.5mm
  • Finish: Black

Note: This model is the ML-WINDSOR: WINDSOR Fire Rated Digital Bluetooth Lock (No Mortice) in black. The ML-WINDSOR-M-60 is the mortise lock version that works with the dormakaba MS2602 and MS2902


Barcode # 81001230300550
Brand McGrath